Ahmet is a film director who wants to make a film about Destoyevsky´s classic novel Crime and punishment. Meanwhile, he is trying to find a person who will play Raskolnikof´s role, the leading character of the novel.

Finally Ahmet decides to give the role to the young thief who tried to break into his house.Nevertheless, he has no idea where to find this young man.

Darsteller & Stab:

Zeki Demirkubuz (Ahmet)
Nurhayat Kavrak (Elif)
Serdar Orcin (Kerem)
Ufuk Bayraktar (Ferit)

Technische Infos:

Turkey 2004, 94 Min., turk. Original. (subt. Englisch)
35mm, color, 1:85, Dolby Digital,Producer - Zeki Demirkubuz
Sound - Ismail Karadas
Cinematography - Zeki Demirkubuz
Editor - Zeki Demirkubuz
Sound mix - Erkan Aktas
Sound studio and lab - Fono Film


1994 C BLOK Block C 35mm. 90 min. Color
1997 MASUMIYET Innocence 35mm. 114 min. Color
1997 Venice Film Festival
1998 ÜÇÜNCÜ SAYFA The Third Page 35mm. 92 min. Color
1999 Lucarno Film Festival
2001 ITIRAF Confession 35 mm. 90 min. Color
2002 Cannes Film Festival
2004 Bekleme Odası - The Wating Room, 35mm, Dolby Digital